What Our Customers Are Saying

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Strawberry Lemonade 1

Amazingly refreshing and a perfect balance between tart and sweet. Next time you have a summer barbecue, this cake HAS to make an appearance!

Key Lime 2

Really good texture, super moist, icing is sweet and pairs well.

Key Lime 1

Surprisingly delicious. The color is so fun!

Red Velvet 3

Great, moist cake. 10/10!

Red Velvet 2

Their cream cheese frosting is to DIE for! By far one of the best I’ve ever had.

Red Velvet 1

Good texture, heavenly taste. Can’t go wrong with this classic!

Snickerdoodle 3

Has great texture and an even better taste!

Snickerdoodle 2

Almost lends itself to a spice cake taste, very buttery and moist!

Gluten Free

You never know it could be so tasty!

Please be aware that nuts S ,Dairy, and wheat Flour Are Used on our bakery. Although we take extra precautions, we do not guarantee
e limination of cross – contamination

Gluten Free Cake Flavours